Section Category: Self Discovery

Aspiration Statement

You have defined your worth and opened up your mind’s eye to imagine the possibilities. Now it’s time to put it together in a statement because actually writing your aspirations down does something to set them in motion. Aspirations come from the creative center of your brain where you can imagine possibilities and dream of …

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Values Exercise – Part B

Now that you have started thinking about your values, we are going to go a little further to explore what these values really mean to you. In this section of the exercise, you will brainstorm a little more on which values are important to you. Then, you will group them into categories and give each …

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Defining Your Worth

Here is where you bring all your assets together on one page. You can’t start this exercise until you have done all the previous ones. Once you are done, you will have one document that you can always read to remind you of what you bring as a manager, employee, spouse, mother, friend, community member, …

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Values Exercise – Part C

Now that you have defined your values in Part A and B, you will take a look at how your honor your values in each part of your life. By living to our values in all parts of our lives, we create balance. Download Values Part C worksheet >> * Upload your worksheet below  

4 Question Interviews

Find 3-5 people to interview using the guide linked below.  This exercise does 2 things:  It helps you start building your network: Who you can count on for honest advice and who is looking out for you? They are the start of a good network! It will show you any blind spots you might have: …

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Journaling Habit

Please start journaling with a goal to write for 20 minutes every day. What if you miss a day? Pick it up the next day, no worries. Shoot for 4-5 days per week. Morning, night, lunchtime, doesn’t matter. Just put pen to paper or thumbs to phone, whatever helps you make it happen. What to write about? …

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