Section Category: Connecting with Your Tribe

The Power of Giving (13:30)

Women are natural givers, it’s in our makeup. And, giving can be a powerful way to build our networks. In our final section of this module, we are going to talk about the ins-and-outs of giving so that we can use the power of giving to build our networks without the downside of burning out …

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Designing Your Network Exercises

Now it’s time to create a plan for your ideal network. Use the two worksheets linked below to create your plan. Download Network Design Worksheet Download JAC – Network Tracker First, use the Network Design Worksheet to visually layout the network of people that will make up your tribe. A first step might be to …

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Designing Your Network (8:29)

Now we have talked about what a network really is, why we need a network and the different types of people that should make up our network. Now, we are going to start designing your network. Transcript Journaling Prompts: Take some time to brainstorm people from your history that might be good connections today Find …

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